Inter-university symposium spotlights Asian megacities

2018-05-12 Global Communications

2018 Inter-university Symposium on Asian Megacities (IUSAM) was held on Zijngang Campus on May 5-6. Under the theme of “Space Sharing in Virtual and Physical Worlds”, IUSAM discusses on topics concerning space sharing related to technology, economy, society, culture and arts.

YANG Xiaoguang, vice dean of Zhejiang Urban and Rural Planning Design Institute, WEI Biao, professor and senior engineer of Hangzhou City Planning & Design Academy, and JIANG Haifeng, executive president of Planning and Development Institute of Power China Huadong, gave three keynote speeches respectively.

After keynote speeches, a round table discussion was hosted by Prof. HAN Haoying. Mikiko Ishikawa, professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo, Chang-Moo Lee, professor at Hanyang University, LIN Hui, Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, TAN Zongbo, Professor at Tsinghua University, Michael V. Tomeldan, Associate Professor at University of the Philippines, and YAN Wanglin, professor at Keio University, were invited to join the discussion on “Urban Development and Space Sharing in Asian Megacities”. 

Nearly 200 scholars from about 30 universities and research institutes from Philippine, Japan, Korea, Russia and China attended the conference, and 65 participants gave presentations.

Source: College of Civil Engineering and Architecture

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